It is with the deepest gratitude that I'd like to officially thank all my Kickstarter Backers! Your support has meant the world to me. As I have gone through this winding, sometimes long road you have never wavered in your confidence in me and my music. Often messaging me words of encouragement and excitement to hear the culmination of my efforts when it was ready…and finally, it is ready!
     Without you, I likely would not have had the opportunity to record as I did with Mike Garson back in July of 2012…where it all began! Through your generosity I was able to not only meet one of my musical heroes but record with him. As it turns out, Mike and I were quite the kindred spirits and it became clear that our connection was special. From there we have not only become friends but have gone on to record so much more and hope to continue doing so! 
     I thank you for participating in making my dream come true and then allowing me the time and space to fly…always trusting that I was honoring your support in the best way I knew how…through the music!  
     I hope you will be proud to see your name on this page and know that you were a part of this journey which has culminated in this music and so much more to come! Sincerely, Jilann
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