From the recording Owl Songs

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Music & Lyrics: Daniel Matthew Schmidt
Arrangement: Michael Farrell & Jilann O’Neill
Michael Farrell – piano, vibes, trumpet, accordion
Sean Hurley - bass
Victor Indrizzo – drums & percussion
Engineered & Mixed by Chris Steffen
Mastered by Mark Chalecki


This city’s all, this city’s all I got now baby
And I know my way around
But I’m a stranger in this town
Are you a stranger still?

This place is all, this place is all I’ve got now baby
And they’re sending me away
Though I’ll be back again someday
I’m not so sure you will

Last call, last call for love and alcohol
Last call, last chance for us to fall
Into the right arms for once…and for all
Last call, last call let’s follow this last tune
Last call let’s waltz across this room
Last chance to dance under the moonlight
In these slippers made of glass
Last call, let’s make it last oh yeah

This hour is all, this hour is all we’ve got now baby
But the minutes tick away
One last song is gonna play
And one day, we’ll say it’s ours

This song is all we got now
These chords cloud every thought now baby
Don’t let me sing this verse alone
Don’t let that gold hearse take you home
Let’s spin among the shadows and the flowers

Last call, last bottle heading for you sands
Last chance to make you understand
Last hour’s glass is in our hands
Last call last call how soon we’re out of time
Last call all ending like a rhyme
Each chorus coursing down my spine
Last dance before the spell is cast
Last chance let’s make it last oh yeah