1. The Traveler

From the recording Owl Songs

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Music by: Daniel Matthew Schmidt
Lyrics: Daniel Matthew Schmidt & Jilann
Arrangement: Michael Farrell
Vocals: Jilann
Piano, ukulele, accordion, trumpet: M. Farrell
Bass: Sean Hurley
Drums & percussion: Victor Indrizzo
Trombone: Jeff Babko
Engineered & Mixed by Chris Steffen
Mastered by Mark Chalecki


How I got here’s a mystery
I’m three sheets to the wind
I sank a bottle of whiskey
If I only could swim
I’d go straight to Australia
I’d crash down on the shore
They’d drag me out the next mornin’
Haven’t we seen you before

They’d ship me off to Manhattan
It’s the loneliest town
I get stuck in D Minor
When I know you’re around

I crawled around every bend along the Seine
To get you off of my mind
I found a home inside a smiling catacomb
And locked your ghost inside

An Irish lad stole my money
And a little bit more
Four pints and a handshake
Was more than I could afford

Then in a German tavern
I had it out with the lord,
“When she gave him that apple,
Were you asleep or just bored?”

I took a train from Budapest to Spain
To wind up at the start
There ain’t no dram nor all the hash in Amsterdam
To mend my broken heart
You can’t cry if you’re whistling

All the whores in Barcelona
Take a moment for a lonely boy
They told me honey save your money
For the kind of thing you can enjoy

New York is a showgirl
She showed me the door
San Francisco’s a siren
She doesn’t sing anymore

It’s gonna happen
I’ll have nothing to hide
Babe I got something to show ya
If you take me inside
I’ll hang my hat, my heart
Yeah, wipe these tears from my eyes
When these blues have departed
Oh, well then I’ll know I’ve arrived